Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sim: Romero Flynn

Romero Flynn (CC Free)

Uploaded : 12-Apr-2013

Hmmm... I don't know what happened here. I uploaded this fellow back in April, but for some reason I never added him to my blog. I created him as part of a series of sims I made specifically for modeling my poses and then promptly never used him for that purpose! Nor have I uploaded any of the others in the series. Haha! What can I say? I get sidetracked easily. Anyway, you may have already seen this guy at MTS. If you haven't seen him, enjoy!

Click "more" to see additional pictures and download.

Romero Flynn - Closeups

Download Here

About the Sim

Some of Romero's fondest memories are from working alongside his mother in the family diner. It was from her that he developed his great love of cooking. And, like her, he demands perfection in the kitchen. Now that she has passed on, he seeks to honor her memory by traveling the world and discovering all of the best dishes.


Traits : Adventurous, Great Kisser, Perfectionist, Natural Cook, Charismatic
LTW : Culinary Librarian
Favorites : Aloo Masala Curry, Electronica, Blue

Wardrobe / Appearance

Romero Flynn - Clothes

EP/SP Items Used:

Late Night (Everyday Top, Formal shoes)
Supernatural (Formal pants)
Showtime (Hair)
Seasons (Outerwear top, gloves)
University (Shoes, Beard)
Master Suite (Sleep)
Diesel (Everyday/Outerwear pants)

Store Items Used:

Strikingly Sparkled Blazer (Formal top)
Too Cool for Art School Hoodie (Athletic)

CC Used (Photos only)

ESkin-nAtural+ by teru_k :: I used the TAN non-default version (though it has been removed from the sim).
Oh My Eyes! by escand :: I used the default version.


The photos show Romero with custom skin and eyes. However, the sim himself is packaged with default skin and eyes. As such, he is completely CC-FREE. If you want him to look exactly as he does in his pictures, you will need the skin and eyes listed above. This is how Romero will look "out of the box":

Romero Flynn - Without CC

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  1. He looks great, I am always happy to get nice well made, individual looking CC free sims (especially guys) to add to my towns gene pool :)


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