Monday, November 10, 2014

Celebrity: Zach McGowan

This guy has been hanging out in my celebrity green room for a while now. Thought it was about time for him to make his curtain call. Enjoy!

About the Actor

Zachary Brendan "Zach" McGowan (born 1981) is an American film and television actor and voice-over artist. He currently plays Captain Charles Vane in the tv show, "Black Sails". Previously he played Jody Silverman on the tv show, "Shameless". His film credits include Dracula Untold and Terminator Salvation.
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Poses: Loki-Motion


11 Poses for you Super Villain

These poses are inspired by the Marvel Super-villain, Loki, as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. They come from promos for the Thor movies, action figurines and Tom Hiddleston's appearances at Comic Con.

These poses are compatible with the pose list feature of the Pose Player! But you can just type in the codes if you prefer.

You will need the pose player to use these poses! Without this mod, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

TOU: Do whatever you want for you own personal use.  Do not re-upload and claim as your own, post to paysites or!

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