Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lot: Anderson Cooper's Coop

Anderson's Coop Covershot

Celebrity Pet: Molly & Harry Cooper

While researching for my "Anderson Cooper Coop" project, I discovered that Anderson has a beautiful Welsh Springer Spaniel named Molly, which he has featured on his daytime talk show several times. So I tried my hand at creating a sim version of her!

Uploaded: 16-Nov-2011

Download Here

A video clip from Anderson's TV show featuring Molly is available here
Also, one on episode of his "Ridiculist", Anderson featured a cat named Harry that is supposed to be a look-alike for him. The cat has also appeared on his tv show, Anderson. So, I created a Sim-version of Harry as well!


Download Here

And a video clip of the Ridiculist episode is here.
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