Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poses: Pilates [updated 5-Mar-15]

You will need the pose player to use these poses! Without this mod, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

Uploaded: 17-Feb-2013
Contact Sheet
Name: Pilates
Description: These were intended to be uploaded as a "New Year's Resolution" set. Unfortunately, I didn't get them finished in time. By the time they were completed, ModTheSims temporarily stopped accepting new submissions as part of their "Spring Cleaning". It's been a month now and MTS still hasn't opened up the flood gates (so to speak). I'm not waiting around any longer, so here they are for your downloading pleasure. These poses are compatible with the pose list feature of the Pose Player!

NOTE: The pose list for this set of poses has been updated to include the pose code. The poses themselves have not changed.

Download : Mediafire | MTS

More Photos here

Pilates Contact Sheet
Pose Names:
a_k2_pilates_01 :: Bicycle
a_k2_pilates_02 :: Corkscrew
a_k2_pilates_03 :: Criss-Cross
a_k2_pilates_04 :: Roll Over
a_k2_pilates_05 :: Roll Up
a_k2_pilates_06 :: Rolling Like A Ball
a_k2_pilates_07 :: The Teaser
a_k2_pilates_08 :: Scissors
a_k2_pilates_09 :: Bridge
a_k2_pilates_10 :: Swan Dive
a_k2_pilates_11 :: Mermaid
a_k2_pilates_12 :: Side Bend

There may be some clipping issues on some of the poses if the Sim is wearing thick clothing. Also, the hair may bleed into the floor a little. The way I figure it is, hair squishes down when you lay your head down, so I don't think the bleed-through is an issue. Just my humble opinion anyway.

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney :: Pose Player
OrangeMittens :: Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender 2.65 & CLIPTool
A :: Blender animation plugins v1.52 and for the rigs
Inge and Peter Jones :: s3pe


  1. Awesomesauce indeed! Thank you for sharing these K2 :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am running out of compliments... but I really really love your work, cheers! x
    (I hate typos... lol)

  4. Great poses, thanks again for sharing! :)


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