Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poses: March Madness Pose Giveaway Winners

You will need the pose player to use these poses! Without this mod, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

Uploaded: 03-March-2013
Name: March Madness Pose Giveaway
Description: Recently, I hosted a little "Pose Giveaway" contest on a couple of communities I participate in. The first 10 people to post a reference picture would get their pose created. I ended up doing 13 poses for 11 "winners". "Counting" was apparently optional! Ha-ha! It's called "March Madness" because I originally planned to take most of March to complete the poses and "Madness" because taking requests can sometimes be "madness". As it turns out, I am no better at estimating schedules than I am at counting. I got the set done way in advance. (I had to dawdle a bit just so the calendar would actually say "March" when I released them! But.. *shhhh* don't tell anyone that!)

These poses are compatible with the pose list feature of the Pose Player! Please see additional notes below.

Download Here!

Pose 01
Pose 02
Pose 03
Pose 04
Pose 05
Pose 06
Pose 07
Pose 08
Pose 09
Pose 10
Contact Sheet

Pose Names:
a_k2_marchmadness_01a(For thick clothes) Seated, with legs crossed at the ankles, one hand on her lap and the other caressing her cheek.
a_k2_marchmadness_01aSame a 01a, but for thin clothes.
ah_k2_marchmadness_02aA barrel racing horse.
a_k2_marchmadness_02bThe rider for the barrel racing horse.
a_k2_marchmadness_03Lounging on the ground, propped up with arms behind, legs semi-crossed in front.
a_k2_marchmadness_04Leaning against the wall, hands on thighs, legs crossed.
a_k2_marchmadness_05 Shouting at the sky. (Based on Jim Carrey from the movie, Bruce Almighty.)
a_k2_marchmadness_06Seated, with legs crossed at knees, chin propped in hand, the other hand at the waist.
a_k2_marchmadness_07Seated, with arms on the arm rests of a chair. Can be used with or without knife prop. (Made based on a photo of the "Governor" from "Walking Dead".)
a_k2_marchmadness_08Leaning against a pool table, with hand under chin.
a_k2_marchmadness_09Classic "Flapper" pose.
a_k2_marchmadness_10a(For thick clothes) Seated, with hands clasped on the lap. (Based on Auguste Renoir's Lady With a Fan)
a_k2_marchmadness_10bSame as 10a, but for thin clothes.

Poses #01 and #10 have 2 versions each - one for thicker clothing, such as dresses, and one for thinner clothes. They are the same otherwise.

Any CC used in the photographs is completely optional and is NOT included with the poses.

If you do not have the Pets EP, you can still install the pose pack to use all of the human poses. You will just not be able to use the one specifically for the horse.

Credit for CC Used:
Land of WOE :: "Kill Me Now" Knife Accessory
Lorandia Sims :: Square Nails
Elexis :: Simply Sweet Lipsticks
Lakeside Ranch :: Western Stirrups

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney :: Pose Player
OrangeMittens :: Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender 2.65 & CLIPTool
A :: Blender animation plugins and for the rigs
Inge and Peter Jones :: s3pe


  1. Thank you! I will have a use for most of those

    Which actually reminds me I wanted to download some of your older packs too... I keep losing track :p

    1. You are welcome! Plunder away, my friend! =) And if you don't get them this go-around, they'll be a-waitin' for you next time! I'll leave the light on!

    2. Keep them warm for me, as long as the light is on I will come visit regularly my friend ;)

  2. Wheeeeeeeee.....I absolutely love all of them! Especially the pose you made for me :D Now, maybe it will get me moving on making my Wild Wild West Sims. Thank you K2 and I hope you will be doing more giveaways!

    1. Glad you like him! Now get cracking on your sims! I want to see what you do with your pose. =)

      As for more contests... I don't know, maybe. I was panicking the whole time! "What if I get unworkable requests or people are surly?", "What if they don't like what I give them?", "What if I can't get them done in time?" I'm a bit of a "worry wart"... Haha!

  3. Well done! You are absolutely fabulous at these, such a talent!!

    1. Thanks Hero! I had a lot of fun working on your pose!

  4. Love them xD
    I am curious, how did you get the codes like this? I don't know the english word, we say 'table'... Duh! I need to improve :p

    1. Thanks Litia! A "table" is exactly what it is. =) Here is how:

    2. Thank you, I was wondering too!

  5. You make wonderful poses! I just dowloaded a whole bunch of them :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. The last pose, of just the lady sitting with her hands clasped, is wonderful! I really really love it. I plan to use it when making a family photo of my Sims when the mother becomes an elder.


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