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Celebrity: Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant (CC Version)

Uploaded : 31-Aug-2013

I originally made this sim for a friend of mine at TS3. She doesn't use CC, so the original version didn't have any. But it bugged me no end that I couldn't give him his mole and fix his chin/jaw. And that lead to him needing new skin, and eyes, and... and... So here you go. Version #2...

NOTE: I inadvertently left of the links for slides I used on this guy (and I used a few!) Sorry about that. They have been added below.

Click "more" to see additional pictures and download.

About the Actor

"Timothy David Olyphant (born May 20, 1968) is an American actor known mostly for television roles: Sheriff / former U.S. Marshal Seth Bullock in Deadwood; Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in Justified; and Wes Krulik in Damages." -- Wikipedia

Download the CC Version

Timothy Olyphant (CC)_Comparisons
Timothy Olyphant (CC)_Closeups

Additional Photos

Timothy Olyphant (CC)_posed01 Timothy Olyphant (CC)_posed02

About the Sim

Wardrobe / Appearance

Timothy Olyphant (CC)_Clothes

CC Used

Unlike most of my other sims, this sim is NOT CC-Free. Links to all CC items are listed below:

Sliders Used
Nik Sim's Nose Depth
GnatGoSplat's Chin Width
Nysha's Overlip Curve
aWT's Jaw Rotate * (See Notes!)
aWT's Upper Lip Outer Curve * (See Notes!)

Other CC
Eyebrows :: Gabriel by MamyRocker (Rock The Sims)
Skin :: Adam V0.6 (NON-Default) by NikaV ** (See Notes!)
Eyes :: "Oh My Eyes" by Escand (Default Version)
Mole :: "8 New Beauty Marks" by Daluved1 (only cheek03 used)
Age Detail :: "Subtle Wrinkles" by Arisuka


  • All of aWT's download links appear to be broken. This slider can be dowloaded from an alternate location (awtmk-ts3-slider-jawline.7z).

EP/SP Items Used:

Late Night :: Formal Top and Shoes; Facial Hair
Pets :: Outerwear Jacket
Supernatural :: Formal Pants; Outerwear Shoes
Univerisity Life :: Athletic Top
Master Suite Stuff :: Sleepwear
Diesel Stuff :: Everyday Shirt and Jeans

Store Items Used:

Hair :: Sleek Chic
Athletic Pants :: Men's Cargo Pants

Items Used in the Photos:

These items were used in the creation of the photos and are not included in the sim.

Poses :: "Nonchalant" by me.
Photo Backdrop :: B5 Studio
Cowboy Hat :: Cloudwalker Sims

The CC-FREE Version

Timothy Olyphant (CCFree)
This version of the sim is completely CC and slider free. If you would like to download this version of the sim, he is available on the Exchange.

Download CC-Free Version

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