Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poses: Strut Your Stuff

You will need the pose player to use these poses! Without this mod, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

Uploaded: 05-March-2013
Name: Strut Your Stuff
Description:Eight poses for when your model needs to strut her stuff. These poses are compatible with the pose list feature of the Pose Player!

Download Here!

Poses 01-02
Poses 03-04
Strut 05-06
Strut 07-08
Contact Sheet

Pose Names:
a_k2_strut_01Strutting the runway.
a_k2_strut_02Looking back over one shoulder.
a_k2_strut_03Standing with hip thrust to one side, one hand on hip.
a_k2_strut_04Standing on one foot, arms raised with hands under chin.
a_k2_strut_05Leaning forward, one hand to face.
a_k2_strut_06Leaning backward, hands on hips.
a_k2_strut_07Standing on one foot, one arm raised with hand touching head.
a_k2_strut_08Strutting the runway.

There may be some clipping on the hands on poses #1, #3 #6, and #8 if you use thick clothing.

Any CC used in the photographs is completely optional and is NOT included with the poses.

Credit for CC Used:
Lorandia Sims :: Long Nails
Elexis :: Simply Sweet Lipsticks
Elexis :: Nouk's Tommie Hair - Converted, for Females

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney :: Pose Player
OrangeMittens :: Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender 2.65 & CLIPTool
A :: Blender animation plugins and for the rigs
Inge and Peter Jones :: s3pe


  1. I am not a big fan of the Modeling poses but I have to say these are awesome. Good Job!!! I will probably use one or two of them. Thank you!!


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