Sunday, March 10, 2013

Misc: Pose Themes / Survey (Results)

The results of my little survey are in:

Strongmen (circus)0
Couples (pg 13)7
Broken Doll (modeling)3
Vaulting (equestrian acrobats)0
Pinups/Vargas Girls4
Pole Dancing1
Other? *3
* It would have been nice if the people that voted "other" had left a comment mentioning what that might be.

So... That gives me a sense of what at least a tiny corner of the pose-consuming market has a hankering for. Of course, I will still probably do whatever random thought pops into my head at the moment, but it's nice to have a sense of what others might be needing. Thanks to all of those who participated!


  1. I think I voted 'other' @.@
    But I remember writing something? xD

    I do poses mostly that I need for my story, and I know a lot of storymaker still have a need for someone to make poses for them (although it's so much work for a story I usually tell them they should consider learning...).

    But anyway! No matter what you will do I am pretty sure it will be great, and I am off to use some of your gymnastic poses ♥

  2. Why yes, you certainly did. Sorry! I didn't mean to discount you there! I believe you said (to paraphrase) "do what ever interests you". That accounts for 1 of the 3 "others". :)

    Sometimes I get mired in indecision because I have *too* many ideas and I can't pick one! (Which is where I am right now.) Add to that the fact that the pose player add-on is acting up on me again. I can't seem to use the "Pose by name" option by clicking on sims anymore. Gah! I'm so lazy... I can't be bothered to find the silly clapboard and click on it. Haha!

    I certainly admire your fortitude - writing a story AND making your own poses for them! Writing just isn't my thing. More power to you! And I can understand not wanting to take on projects for other peoples' stories. As my kin-folks say... "You'd be busier than a cat in a sand box." haha


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