Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Poses: Breakthru

13 Poses for your ghostly sims!

These poses are compatible with the pose list feature of the Pose Player! But you can just type in the codes if you prefer.

You will need the pose player to use these poses! Without this mod, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

TOU: Do whatever you want for you own personal use.  Do not re-upload, claim as your own, post to paysites or put Adf.ly in front of my links!  A link back is always appreciated - I love to see what you peeps do with my poses!

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Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet

Pose Names

  • a_k2_breakthru_01
  • a_k2_breakthru_02
  • a_k2_breakthru_03
  • a_k2_breakthru_04
  • a_k2_breakthru_05
  • a_k2_breakthru_06
  • a_k2_breakthru_07
  • a_k2_breakthru_08
  • a_k2_breakthru_09
  • a_k2_breakthru_10
  • a_k2_breakthru_11
  • a_k2_breakthru_12
  • a_k2_breakthru_13


  • These poses were inspired by the sculptures of Mateo Pugliese.
  • The list of pose codes may be found at MTS. The download from SimsFileShare includes full sized versions of the above contact sheets, which give the associated pose codes as well.
  • Place the sim in the square in front of the wall. Once posed, the sim will snap "into" the wall. Release the pose and the sim will pop back out of the wall.
  • Be careful when using these in basements. I don't recommend putting them through the outermost basement wall.
  • Poses 8,9 and 11 will appear dark when placed through a wall. See the following diagram for a tip on lighting them.

Special Lighting

Special lighting

Additional Credits:

Download : MTS | SimsFileShare


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