Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poses: Step Up

Step Up

8 Poses for sims on stairs

I went on a pose making bender and ended up making 3 new sets of poses. This is set #2. You can see set #1 (Low Down) here. I have to finish up the photos for set #3, so it should be coming along in the next day or so.

These poses are compatible with the pose list feature of the Pose Player!

You will need the pose player to use these poses! Without this mod, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

Step Up - Covershot

Pics / Info / Download : MTS | Mediafire

Step Up - Poses 01+02 Step Up - Poses 03+08 Step Up - Poses 04+05 Step Up - Poses 06-07

Contact Sheet

StepUp_ContactSheet Notes: These poses were created for the gender of sim depicted in each, but may work fine for the opposite gender as well.

Pose Names:
a_k2_stepup_01Standing with one foot on the stairs
a_k2_stepup_02Sitting on the stairs with hands clasped
a_k2_stepup_03Sitting on the stairs with back to wall/railing
a_k2_stepup_04Sitting on the stairs with on hand on head
a_k2_stepup_05Sitting on the stairs with arms on knees
a_k2_stepup_06Sitting on the stairs with arms on knees
a_k2_stepup_07Sitting on the stairs with one leg tucked behind the other
a_k2_stepup_08Sitting on the stairs, leaning against the wall/railing

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney :: Pose Player
OrangeMittens & A :: Complete Pose Tutorial & CLIPTool plugin for Blender
Inge and Peter Jones :: s3pe
Morphead :: True Reflective Floors

CC used on the models :

Blond Female :: Hair | Skin | Eyebrows | Lipstick | Fingernails
Brunette Female :: Hair | Skin | Eyebrows | Lipstick
Male with lightning shirt :: Hair | Skin | Eyebrows (#3) | Beard
Male in UL sweater :: Hair | Skin | Eyebrows | Beard

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