Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celebrity: Aneurin Barnard

Welsh Actor, Aneurin Barnard

Uploaded : 24-Dec-2013

This one is for HP@MTS. Thanks for reminding about this guy! I loved him in "The White Queen", but hadn't put a name to his face. Once I figured out who you were talking about, I knew I had to make a sim version.


About the Actor

Aneurin Barnard was born on May 8, 1987 in Ogwr, Mid Glamorgan, Wales. He began singing when he was 10 and acting when he was 11. He graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2008. He is known for his performaces on both stage and screen including the musical, Spring Awakening, the movies Ironclad and Hunky Dory, and for his role as King Richard III of England in the television series, "The White Queen". (Wikipedia; IMDB)

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Real Life Closeups
Sim Closeups

About the Sim

Wardrobe / Appearance

Sim Wardrobe

Sliders Used

CC Used

Store Items


  • You do not have to have the sliders unless you edit his looks.
  • None of the download links on aWT's site work. The link provided is an alternate download site. You will need aWT_HACK_BONESLIDER_EyelidsWidth.7z and awtmk-ts3-slider-browdepth.7z
  • IN3S's site no longer exists. The link provided is an alternate download site.
  • The hair I used is only part of the Midnight Hollow world. As an alternate, Beaverhausenx has a retextured version of it.

EP/SP Items

  • Late Night : Everyday Pants, Everyday Shoes, Formal Shoes, Outerwear Shoes
  • Supernatural : Formal Pants, Outerwear Pants, Outerwear Top

Additional Credits

My Random Weirdness

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