Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sim: Maxwell Bauer (CC)

Maxwell Bauer (CC)

Uploaded : 03-Oct-2013

Maxwell Bauer - Covershot


Maxwell Bauer, of the Bridgeport Bauers, is a bookish young man with a natural talent for computers. He has an almost archaic sense of manners that were impressed upon him during his numerous visits with his Grandmother, Glorianna, at her summer estate in the islands. The only thing Glorianna values more than good manners is a thirst for learning - another trait she impressed on her grandson. During those summer visits, Maxwell also spent a great deal of time shadowing his Grandmother's handyman, Gerald. Gerald had an almost unnatural gift for fixing anything and everything and was more than happy to pass on much of his skills to his employer's grandson.

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Maxwell Bauer - Closeups
Maxwell Bauer - Closeups
Maxwell Bauer - Posed



  • Computer Whiz
  • Genius
  • Handy
  • Bookworm
  • Proper


  • Food - Potato & Truffle Torte
  • Music - Electronica
  • Color - Spice Brown
  • Bookworm
  • Proper

Lifetime Wish

Perfect Student

Astrological Sign


Wardrobe / Appearance

Maxwell Bauer - Clothing Part 1
Maxwell Bauer - Clothing Part 2

Sliders Used

CC Used

Store Items Used

EP/SP Items Used

  • Late Night - Everyday/Formal Shoes, Outerwear Top, outerwear Shoes
  • Supernatural - Every Top, Everyday/Formal/Outerwear Pants
  • University Life - Athletic Top
  • Island Paridise - Swimwear
  • Master Suite Stuff - Sleepwear

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