Friday, July 26, 2013

Lot: Eat & Get Gas


Uploaded: 26-Jun-2013
Community Lot Type: Hangout
Address: 125 Lakeside Drive, Lucky Palms
Lot Size: 20x20
Description: When your sims need to "fill 'er up", they can stop in to Eat & Get Gas! This diner and gas station was inspired by vintage Texaco stations and was originally built for Lucky Palms. However, it is sure to bring a little vintage charm to whichever town you choose. It features the new industrial range and menus from the store. This build is completely CC/Pattern free. DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!

01-Aug-2013: This lot was featured on TS3!

Download Here

Eat & Get Gas - Exterior 02
Eat & Get Gas - Interior 02
Eat & Get Gas - Interior 03
Eat & Get Gas - Interior 05
Eat & Get Gas - Exterior 08

This house has been Custard-Checked and is CC/Pattern Free!

Eat & Get Gas - Custard Check

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