Sunday, February 17, 2013

A question for you all!

Dear Sim-Loving Friends,

You may have noticed that my page has gone un-updated in a while. That is partly due to RL stuff and partly due to creative block.  Unfortunately the creative block continues insofar as building is concerned.

Right now my main creative outlet has been pose-making.  I realize that I haven't posted a new pose-pack since last October, but I have actually been hard at work on several new pose packs.  In fact, I have 3 new pose packs ready to go right now (and one of them I've had ready for about a month.)  What's the holdup, you ask?

Up to this point, I have always published my poses on ModTheSims.  Mainly this is just for the visibility they get there.  As you may (or may not) be aware, ModTheSims is doing "spring cleaning" (a little early/late being as it is still Winter/Summer depending on the hemisphere last I checked).   They are clearing out their upload queues and preparing for a mystery "update" to the uploading process. As such, they have temporarily stopped accepting new submissions. This started on January 15th (the day I was getting ready to upload a new pose pack.)

It is now February 17th (as of this posting) and still not indication of when they will be accepting new submissions. (I can guarantee you when they do start accepting them, they will be flooded with new stuff).  I now have 3 new pose packs completed and ready to go. My question to you all is this - Should I:
  1. Hold out until MTS is accepting new submissions, however long that might take.  (Keep in mind that under normal circumstances it took upwards of a week for MTS to accept/reject submissions in the past.  After they open their floodgates again, who knows how long it might take.)
  2. Post them here now.  Then later, when MTS is accepting submissions, upload them there.  If MTS asks for changes (and they do occasionally ask me to make changes), do so and update the post here as well.
  3. Post them here now.  Then upload them to MTS later.  If MTS asks for changes, politely decline and accept that they may be rejected.
  4. Post them here only.
  5. Other?
 Please vote in the poll in the sidebar or leave a comment letting me know what you think.  Or drop me a line through TS3/MTS/TSS/TS3CC.  I go by "k2m1too" on all four sites.

EDIT: Thanks to those that posted comments, voted or contacted me on other forums!  The consensus was to go ahead and post them here.  I may or may not upload to MTS once they start accepting uploads.  (We'll see...)  Anyway, thanks again and stay tuned - INCOMING!


  1. Voted!
    I usually don't post my poses on MTS, I could, just not bothered. If you tried hard to make your packs then they shouldn't have any problem with them as they are.
    I would say post them here now, try uploading them on MTS later (but like you say, it might take a while). You will see if they accept them as they are or not, then you can decide what to do with it, make the change or decline.
    Whatever you decide, you will probably be featured on MS3B, MS3P, ... and others :)
    But I'm looking forwards to see what you will publish!

  2. K2, I think your poses are far too amazing to keep on the back burner! I vote post 'em here now & later on MTS (with or without edits, depending on your preference). You can request that they be featured on MS3B (and I assume on MS3P), and you'll probably get plenty of visibility even without MTS.

  3. Thank you both Kilhian and Shellfly! I appreciate the votes and complements! You make good points about MS2B and MS3P. My traffic has been through the roof lately (and I think that is largely due to MS3P), so you are probably right about that.

    (How do you request things to be put on MS3B? Sometimes they post my stuff on their own, but I always wondered if there was some where to get them notice that you have something new...)

    In any case... Stay tuned. New pose packs will be incoming very soon!

    1. We are using a list of blogs, and when we are up to date we try to publish poses as soon as they are available (and we see them, obviously).
      However when we are not up to date (*coughs* like now?) it's a different matter. Right now I am checking pages more or less randomly to add all packs we have been missing while we were away. To 'request', let me know when you have a new pack ready. You can simply post a link in the 'Leave a message' section, like you just did. I tend to put those up faster :)

      If I remember well, I think I originally found your poses on MTS, looked around and saw you had a blog. I tend to link to personal blogs to help creators getting noticed.

      I will upload those 3 tonight, and I am looking forward to see new pose packs!


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