Monday, December 19, 2011

Lot: Stacked


Originally Uploaded: 18-Dec-2011
Architectural Style: Container Modern
Address: 477 Sunnyside Blvd; Sunset Valley
Lot Size: 30x30
Furnished: §248K
Unfurnished: §124K
Bedroom(s): 2
Description: This is the second in my "Container Modern" series. A trend in "Eco-friendly" housing is to refurbish shipping containers into housing "pods". These pods are then arranged into custom layouts. This house is comprised of 6 such pods stacked into 3 levels on a concrete foundation. The first floor consists of an "Entry Pod" and a "Dining Pod". These pods are connected by a hot tub patio and a fire pit patio. The center court of the house is a small swimming pool. The second floor consists of an "Entertainment Pod" and a "Skills Pod" which are connected by an exercise patio and a music patio. The third floor contains 2 sleeping pods. The house it crowned by a "green roof" and solar panels. Off the back of the "Dining Pod" is a dining balcony leading into a grilling patio. Additionally, there is a 2-car carport, teleporter station and a small greenhouse.

NOTE: This lot was originally uploaded with several of Peacemanker_IC's custom patterns. However, due to various events, I had to re-upload this lot without the patterns.

Download Here

Overview - Front
Overview - Rear
Dining Pod
Entertainment Pod
Sleep Pod 02

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