Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lot: Anderson Cooper's Coop

Anderson's Coop Covershot

Uploaded: 16-Nov-2011
Architectural Style: Modern/Contemporary; High-rise
Address: 1486 Bayshore Highway, Bridgeport (replaces Bachelor Tower)
Lot Size: 39x30
Furnished: §134K
Bedroom(s): 2
Bathrooms(s): 2
Floor(s): 2
Amenities: Luxury high-rise with a well appointed main lobby including a business center, gym, hot tub, piano bar and lounge. Main loft features an open floor-plan with built in entertainment center; accommodations for a cat, dog and snake; and main bedroom features a built-in fireplace.
This lot is based on photographs of a loft that is alleged to have once belonged to Anderson Cooper in 2005. The photographs were limited, so much of it was left to interpretation. The photographs that inspired this lot are available here.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Kimwriter75 for creating a sim version of Anderson Cooper for me!
Thanks to Peacemaker_IC for the use of two of his custom patterns.

Download Here

Main Lobby
Loft - Open Living Space
Loft - Open Living Space
Loft - Open Living Space
Loft - Bedroom 01

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