Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lot: Sweethaven Daycare

Sweethaven Daycare

Uploaded: 26-May-2011
Architectural Style: Victorian "Painted Lady"
Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Address: 647 Farmer Valley Road., Riverview
Furnished: §176,957
Unfurnished: §105,148
Bedroom(s): 1 + 2 nurseries
Bathrooms(s): 1.5
Amenities: Playground, Pool House, Playroom, 2 Nurseries, Extensive Landscaping; CC Free; MOO and Store content used.

This lot was created as an official entry to Glic2003's Interior Design Competition #4 - The Daycare. The gist of the contest is given a theme, a shell and a grab-bag of furniture, go forth and make pretty. The shell of the house had to remain intact, but certain features could be swapped out. All items in the grab-bag had to appear in the lot in some manner. The theme of this build is a "Daycare". Given the shell house is a Victorian, I immediately though "Storybook" and what is more storybook than a Painted Lady? And so was born... Sweethaven. (The lot won!)

Download Here

Front Elevation
Living Room
Kitchen / Dining Room
Girls' Nursery

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